Q: Why have I heard that hospitals will be required to participate with a PSO by January 1, 2017?

A: Section 1311(h) of the Affordable Care Act addresses patient safety requirements for hospitals with more than 50 beds to be eligible to contract with qualified health plans. The final rule on this section has given options for hospitals to comply with these requirements, one of which is participation with a PSO. You can read more about the Patient Safety Standards for QHP Issuers (§156.1110), which includes the rule an commentary on pages 392-402.

Q: What are the fees to join QAPSO?

A: Our fees are very reasonable and budget friendly. Contact us to find out specifics for your organization.

Q: Can I belong to more than one PSO?

A: Yes, absolutely! You can belong to as many PSOs as you wish and can be located anywhere in the country. It is not limited to your home state.

Q: Why would I want to join more than one PSO?

A: There are more than 75 PSOs located throughout the country. Some are state-based PSOs and affiliated with their state hospital associations; some are academic-based or population-focused, such as those organizations providing pediatric-specialty care; and some are physician-specialty focused, such as the Society for Vascular Surgery. Depending on the needs of your providers/organization and your overall strategic plan, you may determine that because of numerous projects or initiatives you already participate in, belonging to more than one PSO would be of benefit as well.

Q: I don’t have time for manual data entry. Can data be electronically submitted?

A: Yes, if the file is in an XML file format and complies with AHRQ Common Data Formats for PSOs. If your facility uses RL6:Risk software by RL Solutions for your internal event reporting, they will help you map this data. Data mapping services are also available from the ECRI Institute PSO for a small, one-time fee. Please contact us for more details.

Q: What if I only want to submit a limited set of data to the PSO? Can I still join?

A: Yes, you can still join. The organization determines what information will be submitted to the PSO and the work that will take place inside your Patient Safety Evaluation System. However, only the data you submit will receive full confidentiality protection.