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    AHA honors 22 'stars' of the health care industry

    The American Hospital Association (AHA) has announced its annual awards to several hospitals and other organizations for being "stars" of the health care field for their achievements in quality, community health, palliative care, and more.

    A 30/30/30 solution to set quality goals and keep the momentum going

    In 2010, the leaders at Memorial Medical Center recognized that health care reform requires an unprecedented focus on outcomes, and to get there its quality and safety culture needed to evolve.

    Memorial Medical Center becomes first hospital in Illinois to win national award for quality, safety

    Memorial Medical Center received the American Hospital Association’s top national award for quality and safety on Thursday.

    Memorial conducts groundbreaking medical simulation

    One of world's most elaborate medical simulations, conducted Thursday at the Memorial Center for Learning and Innovation, will lead to new knowledge on how to save lives and improve care for patients through better preparation and communication, organizers of the event said.

    Springfield medical conference to spotlight diagnostic errors, technology

    Patients may wonder why four years of medical school and several years of residency training aren't enough to give a doctor the ability to make an accurate diagnosis every time.

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