Q: What is the Midwest Healthcare Quality Alliance (MHQA)?

A: The Midwest Healthcare Quality Alliance is a partnership between Memorial Health System,  Southern Illinois University HealthCare (now SIU Medicine) and Springfield Clinic designed to develop innovative solutions for improving healthcare access, quality, safety and community outcomes.

Q: Where is the MHQA located?

A: The Midwest Healthcare Quality Alliance is located on the healthcare campus of Memorial Medical Center and Southern Illinois University School of Medicine in downtown Springfield, Illinois within the new four-story Memorial Center for Learning and Innovation. This location underscores the MHQA’s mission of fostering healthy populations through innovative research, education and practice.

Q: What activities and projects does MHQA undertake?

A: The Midwest Healthcare Quality Alliance focuses on projects that create new models and mechanisms for physician and patient engagement designed to improve community healthcare outcomes. This includes:

  • Physician Maintenance of Certification portfolio project sponsor
  • Lean Six Sigma training, a team-based, problem-solving approach designed to improve performance and other quality and patient safety improvement activities
  • Spearheading numerous research studies and leading patient-based simulation activities
  • An annual Patient Safety/Simulation Symposium for healthcare professionals

Q: How are projects and other activities funded?

A: In-kind staff is provided from Memorial Health System, SIU Medicine and Springfield Clinic, as well as support for project activity. Grants, fees and sponsorships also support the activities of the MHQA.

Q: How does the MHQA intend to improve healthcare quality?

A: By leveraging the talent and resources of its partners and participating organizations, we are building an environment of collaboration, shared vision and innovation to create new models for physician, provider and patient engagement. These activities will create new ways of educating the healthcare workforce across the continuum, leading to improvements in community health outcomes.