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The Midwest Healthcare Quality Alliance (MHQA) is a partnership between Memorial Health System and Southern Illinois University HealthCare designed to develop innovative solutions for improving healthcare quality, safety, access, and community outcomes.


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Three Healthcare Organizations Join Quality Alliance Patient Safety Organization Three healthcare organizations ā€“ two hospitals and an ambulance service ā€“ are the newest members of the Quality Alliance Patient Safety Organization, part of the Midwest Healthcare Quality Alliance based in Springfield. read more...
SIU/Memorial Earn Top Quality Award from World Hospital Congress A collaboration of Springfield health care organizations took home top honors at an international meeting for health care leaders held Oct. 6-8 in Chicago. read more...
MHQA Conference Speaker Calls for More Attention to Diagnostic Errors Diagnostic errors have received little attention from health care providers and institutions because of the issue's complexity and because solutions involve egos, communication challenges and fears of malpractice lawsuits once the errors are disclosed, says Dr. Gordon Schiff, one of the keynote speakers at the Midwest Healthcare Quality Allianceā€™s first conference on patient safety in the Memorial Center for Learning and Innovation in Springfield. read more...
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